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inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool
inbox repair tool

Outlook PST Password Recovery Tool: Get the latest software

Are you not capable to access your outlook PST files?

Are you experiencing error messages in accessing pst files?

Is there any reliable .pst password recovery tool available to recover the lost passwords?

As the technology is growing security risks are also greater than ever. To prevent the unauthorized access you lock your files with passwords in outlook. But it is difficult to remember all the passwords and to keep password in mind users either save them or write them anywhere in notebook.

Files in outlook become unapproachable because of several reasons:

  • unable to recall the password
  • Task Manager
  • Notebook on which you wrote password is lost
  • Someone has hacked your account and changed the password

System administrators may help you and put a new password. But main problem arises when you are outside your city or country, you can not easily seek advice from a system administrator. Here is need of Outlook PST password recovery tool which is not expensive and trustworthy.

Outlook PST Password Recovery Tool is right choice for your lost password. Some of important features of this software are as follows:

  • Due to serious Virus Attacks.
  • It is cheap and easy to use. There is no need to consult a system administrator to use this tool.
  • It gives your account detail.
  • It has the ability to recover the passwords with special character.
  • It can recover inadvertently deleted or changed password.
  • Once your password is recovered by this software you can save it in any text editor for instance notepad, word etc.
  • Ending Outlook file unusually.

It is a multipurpose tool which not only recovers the password but also splits the oversized files. Its trial version is available, if you are pleased with that you can go for full version.

Step 1 : Launch REMO recover outlook PST software, this can be done either by clicking the desktop program icon or from Start menu program option. This will open the window as shown in the following figure -

Step 2 : Now, click the recover outlook button or the PST file to be recovered is to selected from the select PST file option shown on toolbar.

Step 3 : Now, click the recover Outlook button on the toolbar, on doing so a windows pops up asking for scan type and destination for storing the repaired file. The repair process thereafter takes place and the files are saved onto the location given.

The file is now repaired and can be accessed from the storage location specified.

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